Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Preachers and a Healthy (redemptive) Lifestyle

Question: What is the pastor's husband uniquely qualified to say in most gatherings of ecclesiastical bodies?
Answer; "My preacher is cuter than your preacher..."

Imagine delivering a line like that at a gathering of Roman Catholic Priests? Or, say, the annual assembly of the PCA or a meeting of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church? I'm not saying something like that couldn't be said about a member of a boys-only club; I'm just thinking it might be a little awkward.

Anyway, that's the background for the following paragraph in my My eponymous blog (Derek Maul) .
  • Today's story is very simple. I am blessed in many ways, but - walking Rebekah out to the car this morning as she headed in to work - I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she is. I said "Stop! I want to take your photograph. You are so lovely this morning I want to capture the moment." So I pulled out my BlackBerry and clicked (You can read the entire entry by clicking on the link).
Healthy for Jesus!
The above is kind of a round-about intro into a few thoughts about clergy health. I believe that one essential responsibility for us (as representatives of what it means to live a "Kingdom Live") is to demonstrate a redemptive, healthy lifestyle.

Don't worry, I'm not confusing stewardship of the Temple of the Holy Spirit with being pretty. But I am very much aware of the tendency of professional clergy to neglect foundational concepts such a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Rebekah and I have two things going for us in this regard:
  1. The preacher's 50th birthday present - a huge, galumphing labradoodle - is now our personal trainer...
  2. The Preacher's Husband - yours truly - has been experimenting with a concept I'm calling "The Gourmet Initiative". 

If you're interested, stay tuned. I'll be sharing information aplenty about both of the above. Just think "Gourmet Living" and read John 10:10. "I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of..."

Insert photo of the Preacher with her personal trainer (and gourmet chef) here:

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