Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter with "The Preacher"

Sunday's third service at
I've already said what needs to be said about Easter with "The Preacher" over at my daily blog. 

Here's an excerpt. Click HERE to read the entire post.

And, yes, there was a buzz of electricity around the sanctuary as people greeted one another, worshipped together, sang their hearts out and shared life... But that's the way our Sunday mornings always are! First Presbyterian Church of Brandon has a buzz that just won't quit. The Spirit is active in this place, and God's people are doing God's good work with conviction and enthusiasm and love, and you can feel it before you even walk in through the doors....
  • We get together whenever we can;
  • we share our stories;
  • we worship God with enthusiasm and joy;
  • we study the scriptures;
  • we sing from the deepest places that we know;
  • we listen to thoughtful messages that make us laugh, sometimes make us cry, and always encourage us on our way;
  • we invest ourselves in one-another;
  • we talk about what we can do to make the Good News more evident in the way that we live;
  • we reach out into the world with love and compassion.... 
And we do all this in the spirit of a love that never condemns, always listens, believes with a passion, and is motivated to share the Gospel because - well - the good news really is that good!

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