Friday, April 8, 2011

I love that this life is a work in progress...

Here's a short story from my "Derek Maul" blog; it should play well in this "Clergy-Hubby" venue (click the link for the entire piece):

Several years ago Rebekah (The Preacher) and I met two couples who both lived in very nice homes in the same neighborhood. 
  • In one house the floor-plan rambled, involved at least five different flooring surfaces, and the design was constantly subject to tweaking. Decorating evolved around wildly varied styles, obscure pieces of art collected while traveling, antique family pieces and photographs etc. There were books everywhere, and there was no way to predict what the next room might look like based on the one you were in. Change was ubiquitous and there was always a drop-cloth and a tool-box in play somewhere.
  • The other home had been recently gutted in response to a divorce. The man remarried, remodeled, and then went to a huge furniture store with his new wife. They purchased complete rooms of furnishings, including pictures for the walls and designer-coordinated home accents. The house was gorgeous; everything matched; it was a showcase... It had no soul.
Bottom line - and this is today's word for preachers husbands - if you want everything ready done and pre-finished... if you want to wake up each new day day with no problems to solve and no mess to clean up... if you want sterility and predictability and no bumps in the road to distract you from, well, whatever it is that you'd do in such a life... Then you're welcome to it. 

But such a life won't have much to do with the dynamic, creative, challenging interactive dance we're caught up in. And I don't think you'd like it all that much after a few days.

I love my clergy-hubby life. 
I love the "on-the-fly" art of it. 
I love the constant remodeling. 
I love the learn and grow quality. 
I love having to rely on the creativity of the Creator and our ongoing relationship to God through Jesus.
I love that we're never done...


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  1. As a clergy-hubby-to-be in three short weeks, I'd say you've hit it squarely on the head...